TruPasser™ Dual Purpose On-Ice Hockey and Off-Ice / Roller Rebounder

TruPasser™ Dual Purpose On-Ice Hockey and Off-Ice / Roller Rebounder

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Nikita Kucherov - “I like training with the TruPasser rebounder to work on my soft hands, passing, and quick release shooting. It’s a great tool to keep me at the top of my game.  I like it a lot. It works great.”  

  • Practice passing, receiving, stick handling, saucer passes, and more.
  • Two large 36″ x 4″ rebounding surfaces provide realistic and consistent rebounds no matter where the puck impacts the surface, unlike rubber band rebounders. It will rebound even those passes that aren’t flat along the ice surface.
  • Made of heavy-duty 11 gauge steel.
  • Attach removable side plates to use the TruPasser™ rebounder on ice surfaces; remove side plates to use on non-ice surfaces.
  • Large steel and welded handle for easy carrying.
  • 28 pounds.
  • FREE US SHIPPING (UPS ground) (Alaska $30)
  • Canadian customers subject to customs/duties at delivery.
  • Covered by U.S. Patent No. 10,737,161

What others are saying (besides Kucherov):

Craig Johnson (10 years in the NHL; Director of Coaches, Jr. Ducks) - “We use the TruPasser rebounders in our skill sessions to challenge our players to release the puck quickly from a pass as well as using it to stick handle off a pass. Using the TruPasser rebounder in tight scoring areas gives players many reps and they have shown rapid growth."

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