Comments from Larry Barron on the Krusader TruPasser Rebounder

"I have been using the Trupasser rebounder for about a month now. It is a great tool with all of my students. Whether it is working with my grass roots players or my pro players, the Trupasser rebounder keeps them engaged and focused on making or receiving a pass. It has just enough bounce back that allows trainers to work in confined areas. It also allows players to catch and release in all one motion around the net and scoring zones.

The Trupasser rebounder gives you instant feedback. You make a bad pass, the Trupasser rebounder gives you a bad pass back or no pass back at all. If a player executes a hard crisp accurate pass, you will get a hard crisp pass back.

Every coach, working with any level of hockey player, should have the Trupasser rebounder as part of their curriculum."

Larry Barron (Owner Operator of Barron Hockey), Skating Consultant for Anaheim Ducks.